Mane Hair Thickening Products

Mane is a world leading cosmetic hair thickener.

  • Mane's organic micro-fibre “hairs” attach to your own, covering unwanted bald and thinning areas.
  • You'll instantly enjoy fuller, thicker, natural looking hair.
  • Mane works with all hair types, colours and styles.
  • Mane is rain and wind proof and wont rub off.
  • Safe for use by transplant patients and those with alopecia.
  • No need for expensive clinical treatments or painful surgery.
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Instantly thicker hair

Get immediate results. Simply spray and then brush and style as you would normally.
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Recommended by experts

Recommended by doctors, hair clinics and the entertainment industry, Mane has loyal customers worldwide.
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Find your hair colour

Mane comes in twelve different shades scientifically designed to match your natural hair tone.

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