The Mane System consists of:

  • Mane Hair Thickening Spray & Fibres – attach microfibres to your hair, making it thicker & covering bald areas.
  • Mane Seal & Control and Mane Seal & Shine – locks the thickener in place protecting it from rain, sweat and wind.
  • Mane Range of Shampoos – Three formulas which clean the hair between applications and nourish both hair and scalp.
  • Mane Revitaliser – an intensive protein conditioner which restores natural shine and leaves your hair silky and manageable.


Mane Hair Thickening Spray
(Australian orders only – Road Freight)
Mane comes in a convenient, easy to use spray that you can apply in the privacy of your own home. It will give your hair a fuller, natural appearance in seconds and can be styled any way you like. Mane works well with other common styling products and can become part of your normal styling regime. And because it only takes a minute to apply and seal, you can follow your normal lifestyle with absolute confidence.

Mane Hair Thickening Spray is suitable for Men and Women with many different hair conditions:

  • Receding fine and/or thinning hair.
  • Small areas of hair loss.
  • General hair thinning caused by pregnancy, illness or stress.
  • Alopecia Areata patients.
  • Covering grey or showing roots.
  • Mane has been medically recommended for use by hair transplant and laser therapy patients.

Each can should last for approximately 60-120 applications, depending on the coverage required and comes in a range of 12 natural shades.

Mane Hair Fibres (Australian & International orders – Air Freight)
Mane Hair Loss Fibres have been scientifically developed to give you a natural looking, fuller head of hair. The fibres will blend with your own hair to give you the look that you’ve always wanted. Essentially the same as our Mane Hair Thickening Spray, but in a non-aerosol applicator. Mane Fibres are available in 6 natural shades.

Mane Seal & Control (Australian orders only – Road Freight)
Specially formulated to be used after applying Mane Hair Thickener, to hold and seal it in place and make it resistant to wind, rain and sweat. To achieve a lasting result, you should always use Mane Hair Thickener with Mane Seal & Control.

Mane Seal & Shine (Australian & International orders – Air Freight)
Specially formulated to be used after applying Mane Hair Thickener or Mane Thickening Fibres, to hold and seal them in place and make them resistant to wind, rain and sweat. Works in a similar way to Mane Seal & Control, but with a natural shine finish and in a non-aerosol pump-action applicator.

Mane Frequent Use Shampoo (Australian & International orders – Air Freight)
An extra mild organically formulated shampoo to gently cleanse your hair daily. A blend of herbal extracts allows frequent washing without a drying effect.

Mane Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (Australian & International orders – Air Freight)
A concentrated hair and scalp cleanser especially formulated to effectively combat dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea and itching scalp. Added conditioners give your hair body and shine.

Mane Dry & Damaged Hair Shampoo (Australian & International orders – Air Freight)
A unique blend of vitamins and herbal extracts cleans and condition your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and manageable. This shampoo is ideal for treating dry or damaged hair.

Mane Revitaliser Conditioner (Australian & International orders – Air Freight)
An intensive conditioner especially formulated to nourish dry or damaged hair. With added protein, Mane Revitaliser penetrates deeply to restore natural shine and leaves your hair silky and manageable.
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Instantly thicker hair

Get immediate results. Simply spray and then brush and style as you would normally.
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Recommended by doctors, hair clinics and the entertainment industry, Mane has loyal customers worldwide.
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Mane comes in twelve different shades scientifically designed to match your natural hair tone.

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