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Mane has thousands of loyal customers worldwide and is recommended by doctors, transplant clinics, hair salons and make up artists.

Mane has been used extensively in the entertainment industry and many well known celebrities use Mane both when performing and in their everyday lives.

The comments below are from medical experts and some of our delighted customers.


Newspaper Fashion Writers

“A revolutionary hair spray which will make your hair look thicker until the next shampoo is applied.
Mane is not a cure for baldness – there has to be some hair there to thicken. But it is not a gimmick and actually works.”
Hair & Beauty Magazine

“There’s no ‘cure’ for hair thinned by the menopause, but there are products that can make your hair look thicker and add colour at the same time. Try Mane.”
Dr Miriam Stoppard, TV Times

TV Make-Up Artists

“I would just like to let you know how pleased we are with Mane Spray Hair Thickener, which I have just reordered. It has proven a great success with our actors.”
Yorkshire Television Make-Up Department

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how very satisfied we are with this product. It has proven very successful as a hair thickener for quite a few actors with threatening baldness.”
Thames Television Head of Make-Up

Medical Professionals:

“I have performed over 5,000 hair transplant operations and have seen many advances in the techniques. Remarkable though these refinements have been the advent of Mane has surpassed all, and I can now promise a natural-looking transplant for almost all my patients.”
Dr. R.C.S. (MBBS)

“Mane is equally effective for both men and women, and stays put until you shampoo it away. Water or moisture alone will not harm it, remove it, or wash it off even while showering, getting caught in the rain, sweating at the gym, or swimming in the pool or at the beach.”
DR. Alan W. H.

“As we get older, changes take place gradually in the follicles and the hair gets finer. This is natural and almost certainly irreversible. It’s a very lucky person who doesn’t have some degree of hair loss as they get older. I am not going to recommend any complicated course of treatment because it would be both unrewarding and a waste of money. If you’re really upset by your appearance, there’s a cosmetic hair spray called Mane. It comes in several shades to match your natural colour and will disguise your hair loss to an unbelievable degree. It will thicken individual hairs and virtually hide any bare patches. It really is very effective.”
John Mason, President of The Institute of Trichologists (the study and treatment of hair and scalp disorders), replying to readers’ queries in The Hair Doctor – March 1999.

Q: “A course of chemotherapy a year ago left my hair very thin and in poor condition.
I’m only 23 and it’s making me very self-conscious. What can I do?”
A: “Chemotherapy is used because it kills cancerous cells. But in doing so it damages other cells,
including hair follicles. Use the mildest shampoo and try a spray-on product called “Mane” which is used by professional make-up artists to thicken their hair.
Dr Hilary Jones’s Sunday Surgery – BBC TV, March 1999

“Thank you for letting me try your Mane product. I am very impressed with the effect it creates.
I think so highly of it that I have demonstrated its use to my patients. A combination of hair grafting and Mane spray are just the components required to restore confidence when patients’ hair gets thin.”
Dr. T.P. (FRCS)

Customer Comments

“I’m now 29 years old. I started losing my hair when I was 19. Since then I have tried various products, techniques and solutions but never received positive results. When I heard about Mane I had doubts that it would be able to help my situation since I was disappointed so many times before. When I finally did decide to try Mane I was amazed at the results I saw within seconds. My hair transformed from barely there to thick and full of body, something I had tried desperately for years to achieve. Mane has given me confidence and a new outlook on life. Gratefully,”
Leon M., Husband and Father.

“Just a short note to let you know that Mane has been a fantastic product that I have been using for years in helping me camouflage my Alopecia Areata. I would be lost without it. It has definitely been a life saver in a society that places such an emphasis on the way we look, people including friends, family & work colleagues don’t even notice the bald spots when I use Mane.
Name Withheld

“Dear Sir, thank you for an amazing product. I am finding a marked improvement in the quality of my hair. A very good result.
A. F. Peacock

“Dear Mane, I would just like to say you have a superb product which I now use regularly to enhance the look of my hair style. It is quick and easy to use, and certainly does the job. Could you please process my order as soon as possible (as I’m running low!!). Thank you for Mane.”
B.N. Pratt

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Recommended by doctors, hair clinics and the entertainment industry, Mane has loyal customers worldwide.
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