What is Mane

There is no guaranteed cure for hair loss, but with Mane Hair Thickener you can have instantly thicker, natural looking hair in seconds; without the need for expensive clinical treatments, drugs or painful transplant surgery.

Our Product
Mane Hair Thickener is a cosmetic treatment designed to give the appearance of thicker hair. It works a little like mascara – by attaching natural micro-fibres to your existing hair making it appear thicker and dramatically reducing the appearance of thinning hair or bald spots.

  • Medical clinics recommend Mane to their transplant patients.
  • Television and film studios use Mane to enhance actors’ hair or cover up their balding areas.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people use the product worldwide.
  • Mane has no adverse effect on normal hair growth.
  • Mane is completely organic and has not been tested on animals.

Our Company
Mane was created over 30 years ago, and was originally sold through our head office in London’s famous Harley Street. We now have the reputation as one of the world’s leading cosmetic treatments for thinning hair.

Mane Hair Thickener is available throughout the world and now, due to demand, Mane is available in Australia. Mane is a fully patented product, manufactured in the UK. Please note that only our product comes in the distinctive black and silver can with the lion logo – beware of imitations!

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Instantly thicker hair

Get immediate results. Simply spray and then brush and style as you would normally.
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Recommended by experts

Recommended by doctors, hair clinics and the entertainment industry, Mane has loyal customers worldwide.
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Find your hair colour

Mane comes in twelve different shades scientifically designed to match your natural hair tone.

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